Dear Aspiring Tennis Players and Parents, 

After Zakaryah’s training experience at the Ferrer Tennis Academy and our living in Javea, Spain for a month, we both have come to appreciate the Spanish Culture, Spanish Way of Life, and most importantly, the Spanish Compassion for others.  Such a wonderful quality to possess in today’s world.  It made for some of the most amazing memories that we shared together in Spain.  It was like living with guardian angels all around us.  A community where everyone is kind hearted, generous and genuinely nice.  All negativity seems to be at bay, all the time.  This is a culture and humanity that I for one, will always embrace in our lives.  Saying that, as Zakaryah’s mom, I will reach to the ends of the earth to offer him, a way to own such humility.  Tennis Mom/Sailing Dad would like to share that humility with other aspiring tennis players.

In recent years, Spain and Valencia has produced some of the world’s top ranked tennis players.  To name a few that were “Made in Valencia” and are, or formally ranked, in the ATP top ten are David Ferrer, Marat Safin, and Juan Carlos Ferrero.  Spain as a country has produced amazing results in the last decade alone.  Eleven Grand Slams, 9 French Opens, 5 Davis Cup winners, 5 Fed Cup winners and 1 Olympic Gold Medal, I think all they are missing is “a partridge in a pear tree!”    It appears to me, Spain knows how to train and develop a true tennis athlete and TMSD says, why reinvent the wheel!  Cleary, it makes perfect sense “To train in Spain without the Rain and Play on Clay all Day!”  As a devoted mom, I am looking to give my son this chance of a lifetime this summer again; as Founder of TMSD, I want to share this same chance of a lifetime with you, aspiring tennis players of the future. 

Tennis is a game whose strategies can be applied to all life’s state of affairs.  For example, David Ferrer and Rafael Nadal are known best for getting the ball at all costs, go getters, you would say.  What a positive byproduct just from playing tennis, “going after what you want in life,” nothing wrong with that.  After asking Zakaryah of an example of a tennis strategy that could be applied to a real life scenario that he could relate to, this was his response.  “By thinking ahead of your shot, applying good decision making choices to those shots; you have a better chance in making the shot.  That can be applied to being accepted to two colleges and choosing the college that will give a longer term benefit.”  The core benefit that stands out with his example to me is “thinking ahead and making smarter decisions so as not to endure an undesirable consequence”.  WOW, this is what I am talking about and he was only 11!  This is what dreams are made of: having your children master sound judgment.  A huge skill to own at such a young, impressionable age.  That’s just two benefits, of course, the list goes on, just think about it for a minute.

TMSD is very proud to offer and share this life-altering experience with you and your children.  TMSD will model its culture like that of Spain with kind heartedness, generosity and niceness.  TMSD is looking for 9 inspired tennis players who are ready for the next step in life and who have an insatiable thirst to become a true champion.  We are looking for inspired, responsible, mature and devoted tennis players to make this journey with us.  Only the serious need to apply.  

yours truly,

Laura Ann Tomaso

Founder and Executive Director of Tennis Mom/Sailing Dad