TMSD and its campers will be exposed to various water activities:  sailing, swimming, scuba diving or snorkeling.  Drowning is a serious threat for campers that are not properly certified.  Pools, lakes and oceans make no difference, the threat is still the same.  The importance of water safety cannot be overstated and one that TMSD takes seriously.

TMSD and campers need to take all necessary precautions to make your camp experience safe.  TMSD strongly supports the importance of swimming skills.  With that, each camper is required to have a Red Cross Level 5 or Level 6 Certificate.  TMSD campers must at a minimum: be able to tread water for two minutes, shallow long dive, breast stroke, side stroke, backstroke and underwater swim.  Contact your local YMCA or University Swim Team Coach in how to obtain your certificate.  This Certificate is Required to travel with TMSD.